A Near Disaster

We had another one of those calls last week.

This one was from Matt – 700 miles away in Colorado.

“Hey Dad – do you know when I had my last tetanus shot?”

Oh dear.

We discovered that he was in the emergency room after having a run-in with a chop saw.

Thankfully he was wearing a good pair of leather gloves at the time  and only needed 5 stitches to sew up the massive cut.

Matt's glove

He was a breath away from cutting majoring nerves, blood vessels and important digits.

I wonder if there’s a guardian angel out there with part of his wing missing?

He’ll have a wicked scar on his hand the rest of his life – but it will serve as a reminder of a near disaster averted.

So thankful today. So very, very thankful.

And yes – I made sure he had another pair of leather gloves!


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