Slide Show

Can you believe that my children had no idea what a slide show was?

They had no idea the excitement and anticipation that pulling out the movie screen evoked.
movie screen

In today’s digital world, where pictures are an everyday occurrence, they can snap a photo and have it on Facebook for all to see in three short clicks.

So different from my era when a photograph was something special and a family slide show was the highlight of the month, or year.

They had no idea what a slide projector was.

slide projector Or how it worked.

How it took us back in time giving us a glimpse of who were and where we had come from.

Bringing back memories.

Turning our regular living room into a place of wonder.

slide showThey had no idea the hoots of laughter that erupted when a slide was put in  upside down.

Or the way we would talk over each other as everyone rushed to share their memories – or defend them!

Nope. My children had no idea.

So we showed them.

And discovered that even in this high tech world, with all the hand held devices and social media, there’s still magic in the simplicity of a slideshow.

2 thoughts on “Slide Show

  1. That is so cool you still had everything. We finally had everything put on discs and gave everything away. I finally had to give everything that qualified as old media away so we could have room in this small farmhouse!!!! But, I agree- nothing more fun!


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