A Good O’ Snow Storm

I love a good snow storm.

The temperature drops as the wind picks up, blowing fresh snow, closing schools and roads.

Everything stops.

The calendar gets cleared.

My busy day turned into a vacation day.

I can hunker down in my nice warm house with my family around me and rest.

No schedule. No obligations.

There’s a bit of excitement in the air, almost a holiday atmosphere.

The kids sleep in.

Fresh scones for breakfast  – maybe some homemade hot chocolate later.

No traffic goes by.

We’re isolated in our little world – surrounded by a blanket of white.

The wind howls.

The furnace hums.

And my soul rests.

Later, when the wind dies down, we’ll pull out the sleds and the cross country skies.  Ready to slowly rejoin the rest of the world, reveling in the stillness and beauty after the storm. Refreshed after our unexpected day off.

But now is the time to cocoon.

For hot tea and warm quilts.

For jig saw puzzles and family games.

A time to savor home and family.

Oh yes, I love a good  snow storm!

7 thoughts on “A Good O’ Snow Storm

  1. Sounds amazing. We haven’t had a good snow storm in a couple of years – I think about 3. Poor WeeMan wasn’t big enough to play in it or even remember it. I wish we’d get some serious snow like I remember growing up. I miss hunkering down and just enjoying the time being home.


  2. It was a beautiful blanket of white 🙂 Sounds wonderfully peaceful at your home. My house was ……. busy……with Granton and Rosie running around getting all that energy out. Thank goodness they both nap….a moment of quiet to listen to that wind howl.


  3. Mal was hoping for a snow day but no such thing! 🙂 I told her she will be glad we put those hours in come April when it’s nice & sunny & she’s ready to be outside! 😉 Glad you enjoyed your day! We too, cozied in & stayed warm!


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