Nothing Like a Trip to the ER

You know, there’s nothing like a trip to the ER to put a little perspective on your day!

Yesterday started out pretty normal for Jan. He was at work doing things he had done hundreds of times, using machines he had used for years. But one little slip, one split second, and his finger was smashed under 30 pounds of iron.

Two hours in the ER and several x-rays later, he was home with his finger in a splint, a doctor’s appointment later in the week and some pain meds that he, of course, said he didn’t need.


The finger injured was the ring finger on his right hand,  making it painfully obvious that he would need to make some adjustments.

You don’t often think about the ring finger on your right hand. It’s just there – a part of team of muscles and bones that God created in a miraculous way to allow you to do some important things.

Things like feeding yourself.

Ever try holding a fork with your ring finger in a splint? Doesn’t work.

He also can’t write his name, drive a manual transmission, or cut his own food.

Some things are possible, but much more difficult, like buttoning a shirt and tying his shoes.

Turns out that ordinary finger is pretty important.  It will be greatly missed for a few weeks while it heals.

It struck me this morning that some of you might be feeling as unappreciated and unimportant as the ring finger on your right hand.

Are you feeling a little down? In a bit of a January slump? Thinking that you’re not needed?

Believe me, you are. You were designed by God with unique talents and abilities that somebody in your corner of the world is needing today.

Maybe it’s time to break free of the splints of self-doubt and discouragement that are binding you.

Maybe it’s time to let God use your unique talents to do great things for Him.

Maybe all you need is a different perspective.

4 thoughts on “Nothing Like a Trip to the ER

  1. I love this post, Melinda. Too often, I’m guilty of losing perspective. Like that oft-ignored ring finger, I can feel too weak to make a difference. Really good stuff to think about– thank you!


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