Garden Dreams


I ordered seeds last night.

Lots and lots of seeds. Watermelon, tomato, peppers, lettuce, beans, peas….almost 30 different kinds in all.

I must be crazy to try again after the dismal harvest we had last year.

No rain, lots of bugs, coons in the little bit we did grow.

But just as soon as that Baker Creek Seed Catalog came – I became like a kid at Christmas.

I forgot all the failures of the past and could only see my dream garden.

No bugs.

No weeds.

No 4-legged critters.

Just enough rain when it was needed giving me a bumper harvest of produce that looks and tastes as good as the catalog says it will.

Just imagine a crisp lettuce salad topped with a juicy fresh-picked tomato, slices of crunchy cucumber and sweet peppers?

How about an ear of corn on the cob dripping with butter.

Or a slice of juicy watermelon.


Yep. Maybe this will be the year.

And there’s large packet of seeds coming to get things started.

Then, I’m afraid the reality of gardening hits.

But for now, I’m going to watch the mail for those magic little seed packs and enjoy my garden dreams.

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