A Battleground State

I heard on the radio the other night that I live in a “battleground” state.


Well that explains the daily stack of political mailings in our mail box. Poor mailman could get a hernia before election day.

And the phone calls! Wow! I must’ve taken a survey a day for the past month. Most are the same one.

I will admit to being tempted to say I’m a Hispanic male who planned to vote for Elvis. Now wouldn’t that mess up the results?!

I do feel kind of bad for the nice lady doing the agriculture survey. I honestly meant to hit the number 3 on my phone to answer the question – not the number 8 on which ended the survey – but I was making supper and 2 kids were talking to me and Jan had just gotten home.

I mean really – it was the first time I had that particular survey and I was dying to know what she would ask next.


I’m thinking some of these candidates must have us on speed dial because they call almost every night.

We don’t even watch the local news anymore. I can’t stand all the commercials. First commercial break – all Democrats. Second commercial break – all Republican.

Makes you almost miss the used car ads.


Some states battled the Revolutionary War.

Some the Civil War.

But Iowa gets to be part of the battle of words and ideas in Election 2012.

It’s an honor and a privilege to have this right to vote – and believe me – I plan to use it on Election Day!

But some election years just last longer than others.

Just a few more days now.

2 thoughts on “A Battleground State

  1. We have had quite a few as well. None for the presidential candidates though. They do seem to call at the busiest times, though…hang on it’ll be over soon.


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