Spider’s Secret

I love spending time with my crazy wonderful friend Kimmer.

Our unexpected trip to Michigan last week for Matt’s college visit gave me a chance to spend time with her at her house.

It was wonderful to see her and her family! Along with non-stop talking, laughing and eating, the two of us were able to play the best practical joke ever!

The victim: Kimmer’s daughter Courtney.

The reason: payback for a nasty prank she played on us with a mechanical mouse several years ago that resulted in Kimmer and I screaming as we jumped on the deep freeze. It took weeks for the bruises on my hips to fade.

It was so humiliating.

The fact that her prank was years ago has no bearing on the matter. Sometimes it takes awhile for a good payback to come together. 🙂

And trust me – this was a very good payback!

It started at the supper table over big bowls of chili and even bigger bowls of ice cream.

We were reminded of how much Courtney hates spiders – and then we remembered that it was October and plastic spiders were readily found in almost every store.

Can you tell where this is going?

After a late night trip to Meijers and the aid of a very helpful sales associate, we had 16 small black plastic spiders and two large black nasty-looking ones that moved.

We snuck into Courtney’s room while she was still out with her friends and started covering her bed in spiders – both on her pillow and inside her sheets. Then we put one on her alarm clock, in her open bag of candy corn, in her slipper and in the pocket of her robe.

The remaining spiders went into her bathroom – on the toilet seat, on her toothbrush, on her towel, and on the sink.

And the crowning jewel was one of the large nasty looking spiders at the very foot of her bed – inside the covers. (That spider was so nasty that both Kimmer and I shuddered when touching it!)

Then we went to bed and waited.

We were not disappointed.

The screams were loud and frequent.

I laid in bed laughing so hard that the bed shook and woke up Jan. I just had to see firsthand what was going on – so I got up and walked into her room.

And started laughing so hard I couldn’t catch my breath!

There stood Courtney’s friend Jessica in oven mitts  with salad tongs and a Swiffer, using the tongs to pick up the spiders from her bed and toss them into the garbage bag that Courtney was holding.

I kid you not.

I laughed so hard, I had to lay on the floor!

Then Jessica winked at me, said she was rescuing Courtney from the spiders. Then she “accidently” missed the garbage bag and let a spider hit Courtney – who screamed and ran for the bathroom and locked the door.

All was quiet for just seconds – until she turned around and saw the spider on her towel – then the one on the toilet – and the one on her toothbrush.  She had locked herself into a bathroom full of spiders!

Oh my!

Courtney screams could have woke the neighbors.

I laughed so hard the tears were rolling down my cheeks.

It took a few minutes before things settled and I finally pulled myself off the floor and went back to bed.

It took even longer for Courtney to finally feel brave enough to get into her bed.

Of course when she did she discovered the crowning jewel we left for her –  that great big nasty spider that moves!

I haven’t had so much fun since Kimmer and I put my life size doll on the toilet seat in our college dorm one night! But that’s another story.

Oh yes – some of you are remembering that we bought two big nasty mechanical spiders and only put one in her bed.

So where is the other spider?

Ahhh…wouldn’t Courtney love to know!

Payback is sweet.

3 thoughts on “Spider’s Secret

  1. Yes, the gift that keeps on giving…..wise choice. P.S. I am keeping those spiders for a good occasion….*evil laugh*


  2. Thanks for sharing the laugh! Perfect payback. We have those little plastic creepy crawlies all over our house right now. WeeMan is in creepy crawly heaven.


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