Treasure Cards

Once again, Angel Girl, my creative one, came up with an original card to decorate the presents we took to our family get-together last weekend.

They went perfectly with the treasure themed gifts!

She’s really into burning things to give them an aged look, and the flower with the pearls in the center is her signature!

You’ll Need-

card stock
pages from an old book
glue stick
hot glue gun and glue
school glue
candle and matches
scissors or paper cutter
paint brush
pearls or beads
a quarter

First you take a piece of card stock, cut it to the size you want and fold it in half.

Then you rip out a page of your book and use a glue stick to attach it to the front of the folded piece of card stock.

Once its dry, its time to age it. Carefully take the card and hold it over a lit candle until your satisfied with the smoky look. You can carefully burn a few of the edges – but be ready with a wet rag to keep things from getting out of hand.

Once the page has cooled, take a paint brush and brush on a layer of school glue. The purpose of this is to make sure the char doesn’t chip, and you fingers won’t get covered with black when you hold it.

Your basic card is done, now it’s time to embellish!

To make the flower, take a strip of card stock and a strip of a book page and glue them together. Then take a quarter and trace out 5 or 6 circles and carefully burn them, and glue paint them.

When they are dry you can attach the flower on the card where ever you would like by hot gluing one piece on at a time, layering them to make a flower.

Finish them off by hot gluing some pearls or beads in the middle and your card is finished.

All it needs now is a personal message!

One thought on “Treasure Cards

  1. So very impressed with this wonderful homemade card! Love this idea. I am trying to figure out what to do for a group of women in local nursing homes. I try to send them cards 4 times a year and need to do something for the fall. Maybe you will have an idea??!


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