A Man Project

Pedro turned 16 this week.

That’s a big birthday in Iowa – it means that he can get officially get his driver’s license.

So what does he do to celebrate?

Well – since he’s had a steady summer job and some money just itching to be spent – he bought himself a pickup.

(I think I just heard my mother gasp!)

Don’t get too excited. This is a 1985 Toyota truck with the engine in two pieces. It arrived here on a trailer – it’s primer grey paint shining in the sun – with half of the engine laying in the truck bed.
Peter's TruckHe didn’t buy himself just any ol’ pick-up. Nope. He bought himself a “man-project”.

His daddy told him by the time he had that thing running he would know every inch of that truck.

And Pedro grinned.

He’s still grinning. Despite the excessive heat and humidity he’s been out there under the hood every day.

He’s tackling a man-size project – one piece at a time.

And that makes this momma proud.

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