Embracing the Craziness

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

I hope it’s true – ’cause a picture is about all I have time for!
4-HSo what’s going on?

My friend Kimmer’s here! And 2 of her kids. And Dagmar’s friend Lainers and a random nephew.

9 kids. At my house. Eating.

That’s the fun stuff.

Then there’s –

The county fair. 4H projects. Dead calf. Vet visit. Blown tire.  No rain. Stinky pigs.

But God is good.

And Kimmer and I picked up more chocolate last night. (sshh – don’t tell the kids or they’ll eat that, too!)

We’re loving the craziness and making some memories!

4 thoughts on “Embracing the Craziness

  1. How fun!! I’m sure you’ll not only consume lots of chocolate and experience LOTS of laughter but enjoy it all immensely!

    So happy “Kimmer” has come back to visit~



  2. Tell Kim, “hi!” Hopefully someday we will be there at the same time and won’t have to hear about the fun second-hand!
    Tell kids–Good Grace with projects at the fair!
    Burn scented candles to keep the hoggy smell at a minimum–that’s what your grandmother did all the years she lived on a farm with them!!
    Enjoy the chocolate!


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