$20 Puzzle Challenge

PuzzleMy dad loves jigsaw puzzles – the bigger the better.

Not so long ago he did a 2000 piece puzzle of Alaska’s Mount McKinley – and at least 1000 of those pieces were of the same yellow flower in the foreground of the picture.

It’s obvious that my dad likes a challenge. So we were a little surprised when he announced at a family gathering earlier this spring that there was a puzzle that he did not finish.

Not only did he not finish it – he declared it that is was so hard he would give $20 to any grandchild who could.

That got Angel Girl’s  attention. Of course the puzzle came home with us.

She immediately started it saying that it would be easiest $20 she ever earned.

Well – it certainly wasn’t as easy as she originally thought – a white polar bear and cub on a snow bank proved to be a challenge!  It took her quite a bit longer than she planned, but she did it!

Then she took a picture and sent it off to Papa Jim.

And Papa Jim – though surprised-  paid up.

I think it’s safe to say that he won’t be given any similar challenges in the near future – at least not to our puzzle girl!

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