Garden Check

Things have finally slowed down a bit around here!

Matt is safely in England, the kids are finishing up school, and we’re still eating graduation buns (and will be for some time to come!)

I guess it’s time to think about the garden again!

We enjoyed both lettuce and radishes from the very few early things that actually made it in the ground several weeks ago.

Sugar Snap PeasAnd the peas are ready to pick! The bad news is that we only got one kind planted – the sugar snap variety. The regular pea seeds are still in the packet and it’s much too late in the season to get them in the ground.

The kids are not going to be happy when they realize this fact.

Not. at. all.

They all love fresh peas. Some of them don’t even like stir fry.

There will be no sitting in the pea patch eating fresh peas and shucking the pod over the fence this year.  Nope. Instead there will be great weeping and gnashing of teeth.

We did manage to get the rest of the garden planted though.

In one night. During graduation week. It isn’t pretty.

Some of the corn looks more like a corn maze than corn rows!

But it’s in.

PepperThe peppers – both sweet and hot – are perking up now that they are in the garden!

Grow little jalapenos! Grow fast!

With the nice rains over the weekend, the green beans are sprouting! I planted Jade green beans for the first time this year. A friend brought me some last year and I loved them!

Instead of getting fat when left on the plant – the Jade beans just get longer.  I do have a packet of my stand-by Blue Lake variety for mid-season planting if I need them.

TomatoAnd then- there’s the tomatoes.

Would you believe that I initially planted 50 of the tomato plants we started from seed. Yes – 50! And I still had at least that many plants left!

So I started giving them away – to my mom , my sisters, my neighbor – anyone who looked like they needed a tomato, or two or three.

On Sunday I took what was left to church and blessed people with them.

Angel Girl somehow squeezed the remaining 4 plants in the garden – bringing our grand total to 54.

Someone asked me on Sunday what in the world we were going to do with that many tomatoes.

Umm – eat them?

It could be a busy summer!

I’ve linked this post up with the Tuesday Garden Party at An Oregon Cottage.

6 thoughts on “Garden Check

  1. Good for you on the garden! Mine is sadly lagging this year. You will have so many glorious tomatos to put up…I am envious!


  2. We had to give a lot of tomato plants away also because I’m never confident that the seeds will actually grow for me. You planted 50, WOW! I’m checking to see how big your garden is and vowing never to let my husband see it. HA! Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


  3. Your garden looks so beautiful and productive! I still have a ton of planting to do–it got colder and rainy here, and the ground is pretty soggy, so have to wait for things to dry out a bit before we can get back to it. And you can never have too many fresh tomatoes! I freeze a bunch, and make a bunch into dried tomatoes stored in olive oil–all wonderful and great to have during the winter. Plus we eats gobs of them fresh–I live for homegrown tomatoes, as you can tell, and probably have room for about 45 plants or so this year–all in a single city lot, along with a lot of other plants!


  4. My garden is actually doing better than last’s my second year and I did some changes of planting and added some ground food to make it better. lol my pea well I have three different kinds..I know where the snow peas are but somehow I forgot what or where or which or the sugar snap peas…and the shell peas…or the ones that you can eat the whole shell and all and the peas for the pot…idk…but the plants are very healthy and pretty and blooms are starting to appear. My tomatoes are doing well and full of blooms..turnips I can see them on the bottom and like you said radishes and lettuce leave are good…My peppers are raggity though..I keep praying they will perk up and grow. I’d say you have many tomato plants…I was smart and said no just three, one reg, one Roma and one heirloom purple ….I’m glad I have come to visit. lovely post wish I could send some for the boys Peas that is…awe so sad for them that they will miss them this year…sigh…with love Janice come by to visit one day when you have a minute…


  5. Dh and I were talking last night about how much he loved the heirloom tomatoes that I had planted. I told him that I wish I could plant more, but that I had to mix in some hybrids because the heirlooms just don’t produce enough tomatoes per plant (in comparision to hybrids). He was like just plant all heirlooms. I told him to get enough tomatoes from those, I would need at least 20 more tomato plants; which means expanding the garden even more. Then he understood. They cook down a lot when you make the sauce. Wait till I tell him that you have 50! LOL!


  6. If only we had unlimited time and garden space! You have a beautiful garden and I look forward to seeing it grow over the summer. Thanks for sharing!


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