Across the Pond

MattMatt’s heading to Oxford.

That’s in England.

Over 5000 miles away.

He leaves Monday.

Yes, Monday.

We’ve barely recovered from Dagmar’s graduation and now we’re packing Matt up for a month in jolly old England studying CS Lewis, Tolkien and the other Inklings.

He’ll be eating and sleeping and walking right where they did.

At Oxford.

Over the ocean.

In England.

5000 miles away.

On his own.

I’m okay with this, really I am. I think.

He’s beyond excited.

I’m excited for him. Really I am.

He’s on the adventure of a lifetime, arranged his own flight, bought his own ticket, researched phone options, and bought the needed electronic adapters.

All on his own.

He’s leaving on Monday.

For Oxford, England.

Across an ocean.


He’s ready.

But am I?

3 thoughts on “Across the Pond

  1. I heard through the grapevine (aka – my kids told me). Oh my! That’s a long way, over the ocean, all the way over there!!

    He’ll come home with such an accent that a certain pirate-y sister will be jealous 🙂 haha~
    But what memories. How fun he did it all on his own.

    I’m excited with you. Remember, breathe deeply, eat lots of chocolate and before you know it the corn will be knee high and he’ll be back.


    hugs~ Cinnamon


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