Graduation Thoughts

The preparations are finally done…

Grad 12and graduation is tomorrow.

It’s been a busy time and not just with the baking and cleaning and painting.

Just think of all the math page, flash cards, phonics books, science experiments, grammar lessons and field trips…

…the pages read, words written, pictures drawn and ideas shared…

…the 4H projects, Sunday school classes, American Girl books, and culinary creations.

So busy – and it went by so quickly!

It seemed like just yesterday that she was a precious newborn that her 19 month old brother called his “pretty little baby doll”.

hos-i-pi-tal GirlOr the curly headed toddler who asked for the book  Curious George Goes to the Hos-i-pit-al every night for weeks at a time until it finally drove that same brother to hide it so he wouldn’t have to hear it again.

Wasn’t it just yesterday that she was the pony-tailed, freckled face girl that spent hours playing in the sand box, climbing the the mulberry trees,  and making up crazy tricks on the swings?

Dagmar's graduationWhen did that bubbly little chatterbox grew into the beautiful young woman in the cap and gown?

The one who drinks coffee, wears heels and loves her jeans and flannel shirts?

The confident, smiling girl with the love of adventure?


How did we get from Dick and Jane to Advanced Biology so quickly?

As a new mom I remember hearing older and wiser women sagely telling me to cherish each minute because it goes by in the blink of an eye.

It didn’t seem possible at the time – but they were so right.

So blessedly right.

Congratulations sweet girl! You make your Momma proud.

3 thoughts on “Graduation Thoughts

  1. What a flurry of busy you have been this week. A good walk around your wonderful freshly mowed trail must have been refreshing.

    So excited for you, for your sweet dtr. Such a big door she is walking through. Yet I see her standing there, pirate sword strapped on her waist, ready and excited! haha!

    Congratulations to you sweet Mama of your graduate! This is as much your celebration as it is hers ?



  2. What a beautiful tribute, Melinda! Loved it! And, yes, you should be proud! Have a happy day tomorrow! See you Sunday!


  3. Oh yes– SUCH a quick flash and they’re just all grown up! We’ve got 3 grown, one will be 18 in just a couple of weeks, and two more coming up into their teens shortly. She grew into a beautiful girl! More great memories will come as she grows into adulthood too! 🙂 (Stopping by from multiple comments you’ve left on my blog a long time ago… long time no “see”!) 🙂


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