Some Days are Marathons

It’s finally time to put the Bosch Mixer away and clean the kitchen.

We’ve had a workout today.

MixerThings started really, really early.

Jan and I were in Kansas City and back (a 4.5 hour round trip) before 9:00 AM to get Matt to the airport for a 7:30 flight. I think the alarm clock said something like 4:00 when I woke up. 😦

But that was just the beginning.

As soon as I got home, I popped a turkey in the oven that had been in brine overnight, started a batch of rolls for graduation, and gave 2 spelling tests and a English lesson.

By lunch time I had a mock-smoked turkey to de-bone, yeast rolls in the oven, a second batch rising and cookies in the mixer.

tableBy 4:00 I had the turkey in the freezer for graduation weekend, 120 rolls ready to freeze, a batch of  graduation cookies done, supper in the crock pot, and 12 cups of dry bread cubes for another meal next weekend.

Oh – and a batch of decoy cookies  so the kids will stop eating the ones we’re making for graduation!

Whew. I’m tired.

Where was all my help? Matt was in a plane somewhere between Kansas City and Texas. Dagmar was in an ambulance on the way to Des Moines (as the attendant – not the patient!) and Buddy was helping Pedro fix fence.

That left Angel Girl, who bravely manned the kitchen with me all day.

She’s tired, too.

Boy am I glad supper is in the crock pot!

Anybody want to do some dishes? 🙂

One thought on “Some Days are Marathons

  1. What a busy but delicious day! Your food preparation is nothing short of amazing to me.

    We were up early too. About 4am here and off and driving the other way up to the University of Iowa for orientation. I didn’t have anything in the crock pot cooking. More like frozen chicken patties left for the kiddos to fend for themselves. But the Lord gave me an amazing day with Gavin. One of the few I will have with him before he leaves

    We really need a good long talk….with a walk….and none of those tempting decoy cookies!! I gain weight just visiting your blog 🙂



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