The Material Just Spoke to Me…

I had a quiet house this last week.

With three kids at TeenPact Iowa, Buddy at Grandma’s, and Matt working every day – it was just me. All day. In a big quiet house.

For a stay-at-home home school mom – it is a rare event. It was also wonderful! 🙂

So what did I do with my week of alone time? Well – I started the week with a big list of things to accomplish – but I got a little sidetracked.

On day two of my week of quiet I was still on target. My job for that day was to sort through all of the material we had stashed – fold it all neatly and put it in Rubbermaid tubs. After all the crafting the girls have been doing – and all the costumes they had made – it was a huge mess!

Matt carried the tubs upstairs before he left for the day and I got busy right after breakfast.

I was all business at first – but didn’t take long for the material to start speaking to me.

I’m not exactly sure how it happened – but I found myself putting pieces together to see how they would look. Little pieces of calico would call out “look at me! Wouldn’t I look pretty beside the dark blue over there?”

A quilt was forming in my mind.

By the time I had discovered 2 bias square plastic quilt forms that I had gotten at a garage sale – and forgotten I owned –  I was a goner.

I mean honestly – who wants to sort insulated coveralls and clean the attic when you can quilt!
Quilt 2Jan came home that night to a mess. I was sitting on the floor of the living room surrounded by fabric scraps and wearing a silly grin.

He helped me carry the sewing machine up to the sun room when the light was better and got out of my way.

I was on a roll!
Quilt 1By the time he came home the next night – the material was still spread out all over the living room, and threads and scraps had seeped into the entire downstairs.

But there was also piles of 9 patch quilt squares on both the dining room and sun room floor.

He took me to the Amish store for more material and batting.

Quilt 3By the end of the week I had enough squares to piece together 2 twin size quilts, a back ache from sewing, and a major mess in my house.

But boy was it fun!

I haven’t patched a quilt together for 19 years. Yes – 19!

I’m a little out of practice – but it’s all coming back to me.

The next step is backing, batting and basting. Then I have a whole lot of hand quilting to do.

Wonder if I can get them done and on the girl’s beds before Dagmar’s graduation in May?

Anybody up for a quilting bee? 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Material Just Spoke to Me…

  1. And my dreaming goes on. Great job! I have some picture blocks cut out but am in no need of another quilt top so am really lagging on it. Yours looks so pretty! I like the nine patches. I am trying to figure out what to put between the nine tea for two picture blocks to make it a nice big quilt, a little wide and long for a twin to make for easy tuck in by the wall and at the foot. Any ways, yours looks beatuiful! Great job! I wish you all the best in getting them complete by may. *smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!


  2. Love it Melinda! Looks like you had a great week~just what you were needing. Isn’t it fun when you think you’ve got your whole week planned out~all this stuff you want to get accomplished, but then something else pops up and the week ends up better than you expected. What beautiful quilts you’re working on and what a treasure for your girls!!

    Blessings My Friend!



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