Pedro’s New ‘Do

Pedro wanted a haircut – but not just any haircut.

No – Pedro wanted a new ‘do. One that looked like this –

Pedro's new doBut he didn’t want to pay a professional.

I would have done it – but I couldn’t guarantee a “style”.  So he started bugging Dagmar to try it.

After several days of pressure – she finally caved. But she still wouldn’t pick up the scissors until he had  signed a waiver.

Yes – a waiver. I kid you not.

She actually made her brother sign a waiver before she would touch his hair.

This waiver hereby releases Dagmar from any legal, personal, or any other

ramifications that result from cutting Pedro’s hair.

Sign here______________________

He signed.

And she cut….and cut….and cut.  A lot.

HairThe pile of hair on the floor was a little scary.

But amazingly – his haircut was not!

It looked great!

He liked it. Dagmar liked it. Even mom liked it (You can actually see his ears!) His older brother liked it so much that he asked for one, too!


I’m thinking that if this keeps up she’ll soon be asking for more than a waiver – maybe some cold hard cash!

3 thoughts on “Pedro’s New ‘Do

  1. That’s great! She did a wonderful job. I cut both our son’s and my husband’s hair using the sheers on both but all over on my son’s head while only on the back with my beloved husband. There isn’t much styling going on my “my” chair either. *smile* The cut is cheep and easy to maintain and we all like it too. She did a really great job here! Keep up the good work and you’ll save all kinds of money for your family! *smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!


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