Same Girl

We became Bible college roommates at 26 years ago.

Kimmer, Mindy and Pancake.

Three strangers who became best friends.

Oh, the adventures we had! 🙂

Moms RommatesOne by one we got married, graduated, moved on.

Now – 2 continents, countless moves, 13 children, 3 foster kids, a son-on-law, one grandbaby and 23 years later – we finally reunited.

All three of us in one place – at one time – with no interruptions.


The fellowship we shared was so sweet!

We kept staring at each other and reaching out to touch each other as if we were afraid that it was all a dream and we had to make it real.

We cried.

We prayed.

We laughed so hard!

As we poured out our hearts, shared pictures, and reunited with our younger selves – it was very clear that despite the many years that have passed since those college days, inside we’re still those same girls.

Still a bit silly, but full of hopes and dreams and ideas.

Stronger. Wiser.

And still the best of friends.

Same Girl

Twila Paris

She’s still the same girl
Wiser for the years
She’s still the same girl
Stronger for the tears
Listen to her story
And your heart will glow
She’s still the same girl
And we need her so

5 thoughts on “Same Girl

  1. Oh, I loved these pictures! Great memories!! Enjoyed seeing you and Kim at Walmart today. 🙂 Missed not being at church yesterday. I so miss everyone when we have to be gone. We were in Topeka, KS on Sunday and on our way home we found a church that we all knew the Pastor. (Mom and Dad recognized the name on the way down.) He had been to Wyoming with us and used to live in Leon, IA. What a small world. It was fun seeing them and worshipping with them. Craig and I have been to the URA finals in Topeka several years and never realized that was Pastor Hardee’s church. We’ve traveled right by it every year. 🙂


  2. Thanks so much, Melinda, for sharing this! I love love love the pictures, but even more the precious gift of reconnecting with you and Kim! What a wonderful sweet time. Thanks for the encouragement.


  3. What a wonderful time! “Friends are Friends Forever” as the song goes! I so wish that I was closer but the Lord knows that we need to be where we are! Thank you for the great time Mindy!! You need to visit sometime so that you get spoiled and pampered!! Love You!!


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