It’s been a painful week here for one of us – Dagmar had dental surgery on Tuesday for her last dental implant.

It’s been a long haul.

She first injured her mouth several years ago. She was giving Angel Girl a piggy back ride and slipped on the linoleum floor. Her face took the full force of the fall.

She had emergency dental surgery and the dentist was able to reattach her two front teeth – but warned that the roots may not grow back.

They didn’t.

We knew they would need to be replaced – preferably with dental implants.

For the last few years we’ve have prayed those 2 teeth to stay in place until her mouth was it’s adult size so we would only have to do it once.

We finally made it and her first implant was done in April.

It hurt. Really bad. For a long time.

She was not looking forward to this surgery.

Three hours in the dentist chair later – her old dead tooth was removed, the roots cleaned up, and a titanium screw was twisted into the bone. Ouch.

There’s a certain relief that the worst of it is over,  but it’s still been a long painful week for my girl. She has lost her appetite for everything. At one point this want-to-be chef moaned , “Why do people have to have three meals a day anyway!”

I’ve been struggling to find something she would eat that didn’t require chewing.

I’ve offered smoothies and shakes and puddings – but she wasn’t interested.

Soup? No thanks.

Ice cream? I don’t think so.

She finally said that my butternut squash casserole with marshmallows on top didn’t sound too bad.

You got it honey.

Maybe some mashed potatoes.

No problem.

Thankfully, everyday she gets a little bit better. Yesterday she went to town for a haircut and stopped for a few minutes at the local thrift store.

She came home all excited about the cool official Red Cross knapsack she found – circa WWII.

It was so good to see her bubbly personality again!

I just smiled and told Angel Girl, “I think we’ve got our girl back!

Now if only she could eat again…

6 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. Stopped by for an update on you and your amazingly busy family 🙂 Needed a hot-August-day pick-me-up and especially like your NAP ‘ing’ idea… I have some doozies of after Thanksgiving dinner.
    Thank you for always be here, for showing us how to live and love in a busy family!!! Hugs


  2. I feel for her! It only gets better! I have had one done and am working on my second one (that isn’t really working….) She’s lucky she didn’t have to do bone grafts and got it done in one shot. I think it was about two weeks for me and I felt 100% better.


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