Into the Wild Blue Yonder

My kids had the thrill of a lifetime yesterday – thanks to Jimmy!

Jimmy is a home schooled kid who worked with my husband over the summer. Summer’s over and he’s ready to head off to college.

He also has his pilot’s license – and a plane.

He offered to take Jan up for a flight – and said the kids could come, too.

the planeJan – of course – said yes.

I – of course – started hyperventilating at the thought. You all know how I feel about heights.

Seriously – does that plane look big enough to fly?

terrifiedThe kids -of course – were very excited! They had never been in a small plane – actually – three of them had never been in any plane.

in the air

I have to admit that I could not watch.  I didn’t to totally humiliate my children with another melt-down,  so I dropped them off at the airport and went shopping. 🙂

I hoped that a little retail therapy would keep me from thinking about my babies thousands of feet in the sky with a kid who is barely older than my oldest in a plane that looks as small as the models my brother used to put together!

coming back to earth

It worked. I stayed relatively calm and composed – until I learned that Jimmy even Matt fly the plane for a little while.

landingI breathed a sigh of relief when they were all safely on the ground.

At least their feet were – their heads were still floating in the sky!

Thanks Jimmy – my kids will never forgot this flight! You’re a good guy.

4 thoughts on “Into the Wild Blue Yonder

  1. I have never been on a big passenger plane.
    I have, however, been on a small plane like the one pictured.
    I loved it!
    The pilot did all sorts of tricks while we were in the air. Cool =)
    We also flew over my parents house, but I couldn’t tell one house from another.


  2. The father of my first boyfriend was a crop-duster. When he took me up, you didn’t have to look out the window. You could look out the seam btw the door and the frame.


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