Digging Out

After the craziness of the fair died down (By the way – the kids did great – a thank you to everyone who wished them well!) – it was time to dig out the garden.

Once I found the plants again, I had some pleasant surprises!Corn stocksThe corn has been  growing fast and already has tassels and silk. My mouth waters just looking at it!
MelonsI found several baby watermelon tucked away under the leaves.
PlantsThe winter squash, pumpkin and some volunteer gourds have taken over the bottom section! I see several little pumpkins  and butternut squash forming, but absolutely no zucchini or summer squash.

Am I the only one in the world who can’t grow a zucchini?

BeensBut I can grow cucumbers! I had to pull a lot of weeds before I even uncovered the plant – and very excited to find this guy hiding in the leaves. Isn’t it beautiful?  🙂


And then there’s our summer staple – the fresh green bean. We’ve had just enough to eat fresh –  lightly steamed and served with butter. Yum!

Somehow all the sweat and hard work is worth it when you see those fresh veggies on the table!

I’ve linked this post up with the Tuesday Garden Party at An Oregon Cottage.

10 thoughts on “Digging Out

  1. I will bring you zucchini today when I come. Yes you are the only one who cannot grow zucchni 😉

    LOVE the corn!! Your garden looks beautiful.

    Gardening….4H, family get together….watching children….Now you have two birthdays to celebrate….do you ever slow down?

    Life is full ~ life is good!



  2. Your garden looks wonderful! There is nothing better in the summertime than fresh fruits and vegetables. We grow tomatoes and cucumbers, and sometimes squash, and I love it! I bet your watermelons are really good, we haven’t tried that yet.


  3. Have missed you too, Melinda! LOOOOVE this post! Was just telling my husband the other day we need to do a bunch of beans next year: our stockpile has dwindled considerably! Unfortunately, due to sooooo much going on in our lives, we weren’t able to do a large garden this year. Can I live vicariously through yours??? ;);) It looks soooooo goooood! And “yes”, all the “toiling” comes to a payoff with those veggies piling high on the table! Although sad about not having the large garden, it worked out for the best in a way i never would have dreamed. My middle child, (5 year old daughter) has always been interested in planting and harvest time, but it wasn’t until i let her have her own two tomatoe plants this year (yes, that’s all we did, besides the one squash over the hill we DIDN’T plant: gotta love those bees!) that I realized what a green thumb she has! She has faithfully watered, fertilized and weeded those plants. I guess without the enormity of a huge garden and the daunting work involved, when I put it more on her scale, she bloomed. 🙂 Anyhow, didn’t mean to get off on a tangent! XOXOXOX


  4. thanks for the visit today…and for the sweet comment. It is wonderful to meet you! I will be adding you to my blog list and visiting as often as I can find time!
    you should share your gardens on my friday meme…it is a garden party! I put the linky up on Thursday evening and it closes on Sunday night!
    see you again new friend!


  5. Nope, you’re not the only one that can’t grow zucchini. Unless, I am mistaking (which is possible in my wild mess! lol!!!) I don’t have any zucchini either. Your garden looks wonderful!


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