One Amazing Weekend

We spent weeks planning, days packing, and hours driving for an amazing weekend with my family that was full of…
4th of July…epic multi-generational hikes through the forests with mosquitoes as big as small planes.

…lots of creek wading, splashing and water fights – including one that ended when 2 of my nephews dumped a 2 gallon thermos of cold water on me.  Would you believe me if I said I didn’t start it? Yeah – I didn’t think so. 😉

Improv night…a side-splitting “Improv night”. Each family brought a bag with 10 random items in it, we each took a different bag and created a skit with the items inside. Let me just say – my family is crazy funny.

…a sweet rubber horse’s head. What? Don’t you go camping with a rubber horse mask?!

…way too much food.

…non-stop fun and laughter.

…and lots and lots of family.


A special thank you to Angel Girl and my niece Faith for the amazing pictures!

6 thoughts on “One Amazing Weekend

  1. Looks like a lot of fun. I always wanted a big family so we could do huge family get togethers in the summer. I love the improv idea.


  2. Oh I bet that was wonderfully fun!! Seeing you all at Matt’s graduation was I’m sure, only a glimpse, of all the fun you guys have when you get together.

    Hoping you have a calmer week…..a relaxing week…..a week to sit back, eat chocolate and let someone else do the laundry 😉


  3. Glad you had a WONDERFUL weekend! I thought about you many, many times! :o) What a blessing is it when families can join together in love, fun and fellowship to create moments and memories such as these! God is good!


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