LifeLight Music Festival

What do you get when you take a big open field at a camp in northern Missouri, fill it with a bunch of great Christian artists and open the gates for anyone to enjoy the music – for FREE?!

You get the LifeLight Music Festival – a 2 day music feast that blessed the socks of my kids.

We had no idea what to expect when Jan took of Friday afternoon with a van full of kids (our five and their friend Gunnar.)

Life Light Festival

But they sure didn’t expect to get this close to some amazing Christian artists – like Chris August.

Life Light Festival

Or to joke around with Remedy Drive.

Or be this close to the stage.

Seriously – they were this close! Here’s Matt from Sanctus Real.

Did I mention that all this was free?

Over 17 hours of great (but loud) Christian music.

Lifelight The AftersEnding with the Afters singing “Light Up the Sky” complete with fireworks!

But what a perfect ending for a festival who’s theme is to “Taking the church outside the walls and bringing LIGHT into the darkness”.

And what did I do while my amazing husband was sitting through 17 hours of loud music with the kids?

I enjoyed a peaceful and quiet house. 🙂

Thank you LifeLight. Thank you Jan.



One thought on “LifeLight Music Festival

  1. Oh, how I love Lifelight!!! We’ve been going to the one in Sioux Falls for years! We used to make the long trek from Colorado to it, now its closer as we live in Iowa, but each time it has been worth the trip! Each year comes with its own set of memories! The year of the dust, the year of the mud, the year with friends, and on and on! I’m so glad your family was able to go to the Missouri one. We were so excited to see that it has expanded to another location! It is such a blessing and really just some good old fashioned fun with thousands of your closest friends.


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