Hugs and Giggles

It has been such a busy week!

So much laughter and silliness – so many special moments.


Several days we “went to town” to run errands and pick up Pedro from Driver’s Ed. Each girl had their purse, their baby, and their snack bag. They even got lollipops at the grocery store.

Play GroundWe stopped to play at the park – because Aunt ‘linna and Aunt “Juwe” think that time spent in a park is priceless.
SweetsWe think the girls agreed.
One afternoon we even took the whole crew (all 13 kids) to the beach – because we’re either crazy or up for Aunts of the Year. 🙂

We all loved it and have the sunburns to prove it!
EmieWe played dress-up clothes, read stories, played with water balloons and spent hours in the swings.
KateWe feed the moo cows, chased the chickens, threw rocks in the ponds, and ate mulberries right off the trees.

We discovered fresh garden peas, read a ka-gillian stories, painted our finger nails and toe nails, and dipped all our food in ranch dressing.

We hugged and kissed and giggled and laughed.

We tickled and prayed and sang and splashed.

It was a good week.

4 thoughts on “Hugs and Giggles

  1. Well, Auntie ‘linna. What a woman. I’d definitely nominate you both for Aunt of the Decade! What precious memories.


  2. Oh Melinda, that was beautiful! I enjoyed reading your post and so thankful for such caring, loving people–parents that gave those precious, loving little girls a home, a loving family. Their children are all so sweet. I teared up, as you know how emotional Janie can be! :0) You truly show your love and care for their family and what sweet memories you all are making. You are an amazing woman, Auntie, Mama, wife, and friend! You & Jan are raising such sweet, kind children. God has blessed you with quite the family! You guys are simply beautiful in my eyes!

    Love, Janie


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