With a Moo Moo Here and a Moo Moo There…

Jan and I had yet another adventure this last weekend.

In a 1990 blue Ford pickup with a bench seat and manual windows pulling a borrowed trailer – we drove over 8 hours to pick up some new calves.

Eight long hours fighting a head wind.

Eight fun hours talking, laughing and enjoying each others company.

Eight hours that included over an hour of white knuckled driving through St. Louis. Boy did we look out of place – like hillbillies from the sticks! We should have rolled the windows down and spit every now and again to complete the look! 🙂


But these cute little ladies were worth it! They are Belted Galloway heifers – otherwise known as Oreo Cookie cows. (Now – how perfect is that for a Chocolate Lady like me!)

We loaded up early Saturday morning, turned the rig around and headed it right back home – another 8 hours.

And of course the wind changed – so we got to fight a head wind all the way home! 🙂

Along the way I made a few observations:

Riding on a bench seat in a pickup truck helps you discover muscles and bones you forgot you had – and the experience stays with you for several days! (A strategically placed heating pad helps!)

A Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup McFlurry is the perfect treat while cruising down the highway in the sunshine with your windows down.

Six calves in a stock trailer for 8 hours can make a really big mess that requires a power washing on Sunday morning before you leave for church.

My husband is still my favorite person to take an adventure with.

And – the very best part of any road trip is pulling in the driveway and knowing your home!

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