Boy do we have peeps!

And I don’t mean the marshmallow kind!

We’ve got the real thing! Some cute little layers to replace the older ladies that are in the coop waiting for retirement.

These feisty little Buff Orpington’s and Red Island Reds should keep things lively for awhile! They’ll grow slowly all summer and will start laying later in the fall.

Hardy little critters and fun to watch!

Then there’s the Cornish Cross broilers. They are cute now but won’t stay that way for long!

In just 8 short weeks and lots of feed this little guys will be butchered and in my freezer. I’m afraid nobody falls in love with the broiler chicks. They really don’t do anything cute – like chase each other around or look for bugs. They just eat. And eat. And eat.

All the chicks have a few more days inside under the lights to stay warm – but then they’ll be outside in the sunshine and on the green grass.

Somehow it just seems more like spring to have baby chicks in the barnyard!

5 thoughts on “Peeps

  1. Is this post really an invitation for Granton to come over? That’s it isn’t it? hee hee

    On Easter when we went out to find eggs. He got his basket and ran out the door saying “Going to la-lindas?” I just laughed.

    We didn’t make it over to the country store today, as you can tell. Maybe tomorrow but that’s not looking too likely yet either.

    See you Sunday! ~Cinnamon


  2. Your pictures make miss our homestead so much! Buff Orpingtons are my absolute favorite chicken. They are always a staple at our house. I am hoping to get a few chickens, guineas and such this summer.


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