50 and Fabulous

My oldest sister had a milestone birthday this year. She turned the big 5-0.

Yes – that is an entire half of a century.

And being the really good sister that I am – always so supportive <wink> – I thought she might need some guidance on how someone of her new social standing should dress. 🙂

I figured that I just might be an expert on that – after all I grew up watching Lawrence Welk every Saturday night!

DressEverybody knows that the well-dressed 50 year old wears polyester!

So I found her three lovely house dresses for spring in a rainbow of pastel colors designed to compliment the gray in her hair.

And since I never do anything halfheartedly – I also added 2 lovely brooches to accessorize.

Dress 2And my oldest sister – always a good sport – modeled one for us.

Now doesn’t she look smashing in the blue floral with the black handbag?

I do think we need to be looking for a sturdy shoe with arch supports – or maybe some canvas Keds like my grandma always wore. 🙂

Seriously – although we like to kid each other – she has always been a model to me – and not just how to rock a polyester house dress!

Being the oldest, she was the first to graduate, the first to go off to college, the first to get married, have children, home school.

She’s modeled how to be a wife and a mother. I’ve watched her launch her sons – one at a time – and stand back to let them fly.

She’s shown me how to make my faith real and how to breathe hospitality as  she ministers to the steady flow of young people through her home.

She truly is 50 and fabulous and I’m blessed to have her.

I only hope that in a few very short years when I reach this milestone for myself – that I can be as gracious and lovely as she is (and that she has forgotten this little polyester incident!)

Happy birthday Bee – I love you!

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