No ‘Nard’s!

MenardsWe went to the big city on Saturday – and like every trip to the big city – we had to stop at my husband’s favorite store – Menard’s.

Now for those of you who have never experienced this Midwestern phenomenon – Menard’s is a regional home improvement store.

You could almost call it a red-neck Home Depot.

My husband loves it. My dad loves it. My father-in-law loves it. My brothers-in-law love it. My brother loves it.

Our kids – not so much.

When my niece was much younger she would recognize the store as they pulled in and scream from her car seat, “No ‘Nard’s Daddy! No Nard’s!” (She is now a normal well-adjusted college student with no lasting ill-effects from so much time spent in Menard’s during her developmental years – although she has an amazing knowledge of home improvement terms!)

My own children have spent so much in Menard’s that they have learned to make it fun. On this trip the girls systemically picked out a new dream kitchen – complete with cabinets, counter top and appliances. Meanwhile the boys were walking around the store planning their defense – MacGyver style – in case of Zombie attack – things like how they could use duck tape to modify nail guns.

Okay – maybe I should have limited their Mountain Dew intake at Arby’s during lunch!

At one point I heard them discuss how they could make a bomb using garden fertilizer for nitrogen, cellulose and battery acid.

Oh dear – I wonder what people thought!

But then you see all kinds of people at Menard’s – like the older couple wearing matching striped bib overalls or the dashing stranger with the black cape coat and long sideburns. He looked like he should have a dagger hidden in his belt and rescue the fair princess from the evil dragon.

Hmm…maybe I should have limited my caffeine intake at Arby’s! 😉

Personally I have come to appreciate Menard’s. Where else can you pick out a scented candle that will cost you 75 cents after rebate while listening to a video across the aisle telling you that you will save thousands of gallons of water over the lifetime of the toilet.

No – I’ve come to realize that Menard’s is much more than just scented candles, toilet seats, garden seeds, a new rake, water softener salt, electrical conduit, dry wall, PVC pipe and cabinet knobs.

I now see every trip to Menard’s as a promise that a project will soon be finished.

That’s why this wife says, “Yes, ‘Nard’s!”

5 thoughts on “No ‘Nard’s!

  1. Boy can we relate! When our children were small they did not learn the song “the wheels on the bus….” they learned the song “save big money….” To this day our teen and adult kids do not like box stores, but they do appreciate the prices and know where every thing is in the store they need without using a store clerk! I sometimes miss hearing the little voices….”Oh no…not here again!” But I know there is another generation here, grandchildren, and I look forward to taking them shopping! They sell toys there now!!!


  2. Hey Girlfriend! You were the first person my mind drifted to when my Gurney’s seed catalog showed up in the mailbox just a few days ago! I figured you’d be on the ball as far as gardening prep goes! ;o

    Menard’s is such a cool store…lots to see and lots of ideas to gather…

    Hope your family is back to perfect health!


    P.S.) My Man would love to get Your Man’s book review on ‘Radical’… He reads during his breaks at work and has come home the past two evenings in tears and conviction regarding what he has read. He’s very eager to start ‘What He Must Be’ as well as ‘Family Driven Faith’ and is currently listening to Voddie’s CD ‘Fathers and Daughters – Why Every Father Is Leaving A Legacy’.


  3. My hubby loves Menards too. I can’t tell you how many of our date nights to the big city ended with trips to Menards. I’ve learned to take a book and some toys for the WeeMan and if we have too we retire to the car to wait patiently for Mr. Fixit to return.


  4. I see by the previous comments that my husband and I may not be the only ones who end up at Menards on date night! Wisconsin is Menards headquarters, and the store in our town is humongous. The first time we walked in, my husband nearly fell to his knees in awe. I like to hang out in the lighting section and dream.


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