The Infirmary

The Dreaded Influenza has struck.

My living room is now an infirmary.

Four of the five kids are down – two on the couch, one in the recliner and one on the window seat.

Our particular strain isn’t awful – just miserable with low grade fevers, sore throats, aches and stuffy heads.

Since 80% of my students are down sick, I have canceled school until the outbreak has passed. That means hours of Food Network, Martha Speaks and Word Girl.

At least they’re too miserable to fight over the remote – they just sit and stare at whatever is on the screen, dozing off and on.

I can always tell who has the remote by what is playing. You know Angel Girl doesn’t feel good when she sits through hours of car shows!

Pedro was the first to fall victim over the weekend. I made him a pot of chicken soup on Saturday. I’ve been adding more broth, chicken and noodles every day since.  I have no idea where the original soup started and where it ends!

I spend my days keeping kids comfortable – refilling glasses of orange juice and hot apple cider, taking temperatures, and fluffing pillows – while the influenza runs it’s course. I’m very thankful we have a relatively mild strain – some of the stories I’ve heard are scary!

And at least they are all sick at once – or almost.  If everyone had waited for his/her own week – we would be sick till the spring thaw!

It sounds like Word Girl is playing now – so Buddy must have the remote. I guess it’s time to make my rounds, take some temperatures, and check the condition of my patients.

Stay healthy!

6 thoughts on “The Infirmary

  1. You have been on my mind so much these past several days…one way God has brought sunshine to this dreary cold weather! 😮 I’ve been thinking alot about our discussion at the homeschool conference last June and how that is playing out in life for us right now…

    Know that our family is thinking of and praying for you and your family as you “rest” through this time of illness. May the Lord cover you with His perfect strength, peace and contentment and may He fill your home with His presence.

    Thank you for who you are…



  2. You and your sweet brood are in my prayers for easy healing and that you stay well. Thoughts of foster parent days so long ago when I had 6 weeks of kids in various stages of chicken-pox. I’m proof that you DO survive. Love you! Oh – and even in sickness, you bring sunshine to your readers. 🙂


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