If It’s Important to Him…

We have snow. Lots of snow. And around here snow means one thing – cross-country skiing.

If you would have told me when I was in high school that I would ever strap wooden sticks to my legs and propel myself across frozen ground – I would have laughed in your face.

I’m not athletic. I hated gym class. I’m not even sure I like winter. I know for sure that I don’t like to be cold.

But my mom gave each of her daughters some wonderful advice when we got engaged. “Learn to love what your husband loves so you can share it together”.

SkiSo I did.

I married a Eagle Scout with Scandinavian blood running through his veins.  His boy scout troop used to strap packs on their backs and ski into the Sierra Nevada mountains, set up winter camp and ski back down the next day.

He loves skiing like a fish loves to swim.

So I learned. Ski 2It wasn’t easy.

It still isn’t. But my husband loves the fact that I worked hard to learn something I knew nothing about – just so I could spend more time with him.

Now – whenever the weather cooperates – we have a standing date when he gets home from work. We strap on our skis and head out on the trails around the property.

I wasn’t the only sister to heed mom’s advice.

My oldest sister married a high school coach and had 4 strapping sons before she saw any pink . She learned baseball inside and out.

My next sister married a guy who loves snowmobiling. I mean really loves snowmobiling. She bought a snowmobile suit and learned to cheer when the drifts started to pile up.

My youngest sister learned farming – tractors, seeds, fertilizer, planters, combines & commodity prices.  She works her schedule around planting and harvest because she knows it’s something her husband loves.

And my mom – she didn’t just give us advise – she lived it. She can bait a hook, cast a line, and land the big one with the best of them. She’s had over 50 years of fishing trips with my dad.

If it’s important to him – make it important to you.

9 thoughts on “If It’s Important to Him…

  1. The funny thing is that it’s really just an excuse to try something new. I never would have gotten on a four-wheeler, watched the Lakers play, driven a tractor, or learned to play golf if it wasn’t for my husband. Most of those things turned out to be fun. You won’t catch me sitting by the lake for hours, but you will catch me doing a hundred other things that interest him.

    Alright, I might sit by the lake for ONE hour. Then I’ve had my fill. But only because he’s cute.


  2. I can’t say I know all there is about football
    but since hubby likes football I at least try to cheer.
    I even get competitive when it’s neck-n-neck
    down to the last minute.
    I love a close game.


  3. Excellent advice! My hubby plays guitar, electric bass and upright bass. I have listened to him play gigs and music from jazz, country, bluegrass to rock-n-roll. We have instrumanets of all kind. Our children are playing them now. I just cheer them on and praise God that He has given them such talent to glorify Him!


  4. What a sweet post about loving your husband. Your Mama was so wise to speak those words into her girls and live them out for a great example.

    And oh what fun it is to play in the snow with someone you love~



  5. You are right on, Melinda! Even us sassy silver seniors need to do this. And p.s. I’d love for you to follow this up with “If It’s Important to God…” Thank you for ALWAYS giving me something to think about or (ug) live up to!


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