Back to Reality

The party is over.

The tree is down. The decorations are put away.

The billfold is slim and the scale is bulging.

It’s time to get back to reality – back to school, to work, to normal sized portions and daily exercise.

I’m ready.

I’m ready for routine, for a schedule, for the normal routine of daily life, and yes – even for a day without Christmas goodies. <gulp>

I’m ready to make good on my New Year’s resolutions.

Seriously I am.

This year I resolve  not over spend my food budget and finally lose those last twenty pounds. (Hmmm… I wonder if those two are related?!)

And I’m ready to start right now.

Seriously I am.

Right after I have one last caramel hot chocolate…

5 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. 🙂 I am too tired to think about eating right or saving money…although my sales ads are sitting next to me, waiting for me to look through them and make my shopping list.
    Enjoy “normalcy”. 🙂


  2. Very funny!! I was going to tell you, but forgot Sunday, that you look like you LOST weight not gained weight this holiday season. You look wonderful 🙂



  3. Hey Friend! Getting back in a routine this week has been P*A*I*N*F*U*L however Mallary the sweet, joyful child she is just said, “I can’t wait for school next week”! It’s Friday and I am pumped about the weekend yet she is already looking forward to school on Monday!

    I too have had one too many peanut butter bon-bons, chocolate covered pretzels and all the other fun, fattening food that goes with Christmas time! :o) I’m NOT putting away the cappuccino and coffee though!


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