Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories
“Isn’t it fun?” said Daryl. “I just love Christmas!

Even when we were little kids Mother always let us make things for each other, and we always enjoyed the surprises so much. It didn’t matter what they were.

I made Father a pair of woolen gloves one Christmas out of a piece of brown flannel. I ripped up his old ones and got the pattern. They were all crooked and cut the wrong way of the cloth and the stitches were funny and uneven, but Father made a big fuss about them, and said they were the best gloves he had ever had, and wore them every day that winter, though I knew they were awfully crooked and misshapen.

Oh some of my dearest memories I have are connected with Christmas. It is the best day of all the year.”

~Grace Livingston Hill, “The Substitute Guest”

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