Hunters, Holidays and Tall Tales

We interrupt this Christmas season for a brief hunting interlude.

Why? Because  – let’s face it – hunting season definitely lands smack dap in the middle of yuletide preparations.

Think – pint sized Joseph decked out in camouflage  at Christmas program practice.

Or deer carcasses hanging in full view of the Christmas lights.

Or cooks taking a break from cookie baking to process this week’s kill.

Such is life in hunting season.

Such is my life this week.

The culprits are Grampa French, Mr. Cheesey, and Brian – our three hunters from Michigan. They’re camped out in our basement, spend the day reducing our deer population, and in the evening – they entertain us with their stories.

Oh my – such stories!

I’ve decided that hunters (at least these hunters) are much like fishermen – you never quite know where the truth ended!

They were talking about how many rabbits we have around here – and I mentioned what a nuisance they were in the garden.

Grandpa French leaned in and said, “You want to know how to catch those rabbits?”

I was all ears.

He continued, “Find a flat rock and sprinkle it with some freshly ground pepper” He paused and glanced around the table to make sure he had his audience.

“Then carefully lay a romaine leaf directly on top.”

Another dramatic pause.

“The rabbit will start eating the lettuce leaf…”

We all leaned in so as not to miss anything.

“Then the pepper will make him sneeze – throwing his head forward and he knocks himself out on the rock!”

Ouch! The master story teller got us again.

And so the laughter continues…

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