The Amazing Butter Buns

I wish you all could meet my niece Butter Buns.

And no – Butter Buns is not her real name – it’s her nickname and she came by it quite honestly. A few years ago her daddy was calling her his little “honey buns” until one day at lunch her mommy served her honey on her biscuits.

She took one bite and declared that she didn’t like honey, she liked butter on her buns. And what’s more – she didn’t want to be called “honey buns” anymore – from then on she wanted to be called “Butter Buns”!

We’ve been more than happy to oblige! 🙂

She’s still keeping us in stitches with her creativity!

While we were there over the weekend, she proudly displayed some recent inventions and I just had to get a picture to share them.

Introducing the original Butter Buns Cold Belt

During a rather nasty cold – complete with a very runny nose – she designed this one-of-a-kind belt. Made out of cardboard, this unique accessory offers a full box of Kleenex on one side with a handy empty box to hold used tissues on the other.

The loop between the two is to hold the Vaseline to put on her very sore nose after blowing.

Who would have thought?

Then there’s the Butter Buns Personal Fan

When a family friend gave her a used hand held mixer with just one beater, she immediately saw potential.

A little cardboard and duct tape later – she had her very own personal fan! She even discovered  that she needed to bend the blades to better create a breeze.

Let me tell you – this is one kid who is going far in this world!

Just wait – someday you’ll see the Butter Buns brand in a store near you!

Oh – and did I tell you she’s only seven?! 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Amazing Butter Buns

  1. Now there is a bright kid!! And when she gets to be a teenager, she will HATE the nickname ‘butter buns’ !!! 🙂 But by then she will have invented something we all need and will make a fortune doing it.


  2. haha, I love this! I haven’t thought about this in probably 15 years, but I made a sick suitcase once! It had kleenex, a little garbage area, meds, a pillow, etc. and I would carry it with me all over the house so I would have all my supplies with me!


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