The trim from my newly renovated old house stood in neat piles against the wall in various states of disrepair.

Some painted. Some faded. Some cracked. The old varnish was bubbled and spotty.

A dejected lot, one that could easily be overlooked.

Just as we are – dejected. Beat up and tarnished by the world. Sin has left its mark. We’re faded, cracked, and covered by layers of guilt.

Old Wood

It would be simpler to burn the whole pile and start with new.

But the master carpenter saw potential in that pile of rejects.

He choose them – piece by piece. Measured them carefully and refitted them for their new home.

Just as we are chosen by the Master. Each of us drawn out and loving refitted.Strip

Then the work of restoration began.

Harsh strippers and rough sand paper were applied to the surface as layer after layer of finish was removed.

This is the painful process – the peeling back of the layers of sin…

Until only the raw wood remains. All of the imperfections and scars clearly seen.

Our souls are laid bare before the master. Our excuses, our explanations, all the coats of sin we had hidden behind are gone.

Then the fresh coat of stain is applied, followed by layers of protective varnish.  The scars still remain, but are now things of beauty – with a patina that only years can produce.

Just as we are covered by His grace, renewed by His mercy. Our scars made beautiful by His forgiveness.


4 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. Great post! We recently refinished our floors in the house we are moving into at the end of the month. Time consuming process, but well worth the effort. They look beautiful!


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