Lessons from Loss

Peter Paul Rubens Praying HandsIt’s been just a few months since I lost my good friend and prayer warrior.

Her death left a gaping hole that has slowly started to heal.

But there’s something about a gaping hole that makes you want to ask some questions.

What was it about her that – when she left – we all felt such a loss?

Why was she the one we all turned to for comfort and prayer?

How did she get to be our prayer warrior?

The obvious answer is that she cared.

She listened. She wept. She empathized. She made us feel safe and loved.

Yet – she didn’t play God – she trusted Him. As we shared what was on our hearts – she didn’t immediately start telling us what to do or how to fix it.

(Oh how I struggle with that one! I want to fix things for people. I want to make it all better. I want to give every story a happy ending.)

But there was something even more than that –  something that went even deeper.

We could trust her.

When you shared a request, you could trust her to pray about it. She would be concerned and  check back with you for updates, letting you know she was praying.

(I can’t say that about everyone. I know that people can’t always say it about me.  How many times have I said I would pray about something – only to totally forget.)

We could trust her to treat us and our requests with respect. She didn’t dismiss our concerns or make light of our requests. If it was important to us – it was important to her.

She was such a blessing and I still miss her.

But I’m so thankful for the part she played in my life – and for the things she’s taught me.

Lessons that have continued even after she’s gone.

Lessons about praying and caring and people.

Life-changing lessons that I’m still trying to learn.

5 thoughts on “Lessons from Loss

  1. Bitter-Sweet. The bitterness that the reality of death brings to those left. The sweetness that the reality of Heaven brings to those literally seeing Jesus face to face.

    Carry on the legacy that was modeled and entrusted you!


  2. While visiting http://www.anoregoncottage.com I saw a link to “Melinda.” Ahhh…. I clicked the link because “Melinda” is the name of my beloved first-born, a loving and lovable woman who because of miscallaneous disabilities makes her home with me. I am a blessed mother. So, on Just an idle stop-over, I smile to see that God knows what I need before I even cry out for help.
    High places have wreaked havok in my life even though my Holy Father has always caught me during the fall. Enduring years of frayed apron strings…they just will NOT stay tied…you delight my old heart. And, be prepared, young cyber-friend….God will probably fill the hole left by the loss of your prayer partner by calling YOU to comfort others.
    I’m blessed to have found you and will put a link to you on my “old lady” blog. And, I will put YOU on my prayer list and promise to hold you up to our Father.


  3. It is the quiet thoughts that we think to ourselves to avoid possible embarrassment that hold the most truth. It is remarkable to have a friend that inspires that same truth, out loud. That is the gift from your prayer warrior. I think she is with you each day.


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