The Energizer Bunnies

My parents are here for a few days – and I’m always amazed at the energy they bring when they come!

Take my dad – after hugs and kisses for all and a short tour of the garden and orchards, he changed into his work clothes and asked for some projects!

Um…yeah..I think I could find one or two of those! 🙂

We actually had several he could choice from!

He chose trim! (Oh how very happy that makes me!)

He started sorting through all the piles of old trim that we removed from the house when we gutted it and fitting them back in like a jigsaw puzzle.

They still need to be stripped and varnished – but after going without trim for almost 2 years, I was so excited to see it on that I just couldn’t bear to have him take it back down again!

I think we will leave them rough nailed in place for now. Then we can take them down a room at a time and refinish them before permanently attaching them.

God bless dad!

Then there’s my mom – she helped with lunch, washed dishes, played 4 games of Bananagrams, single-handledly figured out how much material I needed to recover the  cushions on my window seat and the futon mattress (God bless Mom!), went shopping with me, helped with supper (chili, oyster soup, fresh yeast rolls, and apple caramel crisp), and folded laundry.

The funny thing is – I don’t think we ever stopped talking the entire time! 🙂

And that was just the first day!

Yep – things are really hopping here!

6 thoughts on “The Energizer Bunnies

  1. Parents such as the ones you describe…the ones you love so much…the ones you are thankful for are rare and precious gifts from the Lord! Drink up the time you are able to spend together!


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