A Green Thumb Revived?

When my former college roommate visited a few years ago, she commented on my lack of house plants.

She reminded me that in college I always had plants with me. Every fall I would haul them to our dorm room and every spring haul them back home.

Somehow over the years I have lost my green thumb.  All of my nurturing skills went into my children and little by little the plants died off.

I’m rather embarrassed to admit this – but they were replaced by –  plastic plants. I know they can be tacky but I still needed some green in my life – especially during those long cold winters.

Now that we’re in the new house with this amazing sun room that is screaming for some live plants  – and the children are older – I’m feeling like it might be time to try it again.  I even asked my mom to start a few plants for me.

Then we went to a garage sale on Saturday and the lady was selling these.

Plants 004Beautiful, healthy, large plants – for a buck a piece!

Plants 010 Yes! I paid a dollar each for these beauties!

Plants 017Including 2 big luscious ferns that fit right as if they had always lived here.

Plants 032I feel like I got a part of myself back.

But the big question remains – can I keep them alive? (Mom- go ahead and start those plants – I may need a back-up plan!)

Once a green thumb is neglected, can it be revived?

Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “A Green Thumb Revived?

  1. Beautiful plants, and at a fabulous price, too!

    I like having plants in the house, but my husband doesn’t share that enthusiasm. So we have a few houseplants, but they suffer neglect because they’re hidden away in a room where we rarely go!


  2. Yeah!! what a score!! You will quickly find your green thumb again…..you were always good at keeping them alive….it will come back to you! If we can ever connect I have some to donate to the collection! Who knows what you can find at a garage sale! that makes them fun!


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