My Almost Harvest

I can’t believe it’s mid-August and I’m writing a blog post about my “almost” harvest. The really wet spring set us back  a lot.


My twelve green bean plants (the only ones that came up out of 3 rows – after replanting 3 times) finally have blossoms and are almost ready to produce some beans. (I’m salivating as I write this – I love fresh green beans!)


The first of the cantaloupes are so close to being ripe! But still – it’s an almost harvest. We do have watermelon that will be picked this week – there are only 2 on the entire plant – but I’m thankful for them both!

(Note the piece of cardboard sticking out under the mulch? That really did the trick to keep the grass down!  We need a another layer of grass on the whole thing – but overall – I am so pleased with how it worked!)


The sweet corn is coming – even though the stalks looked stunted and pitiful. It sure is hard to wait for that fresh corn on the cob – but we’re almost there.

I am really proud of the fact that that I still have recognizable corn and bean rows! The kids have done a fairly good job keeping up with the grass and weeds. By this time most years, we have to walk through some pretty tall weeds to find the sweet corn. (Not that it’s weed free – but at least the corn is taller and you can see the dirt between the rows! 🙂 )


Finally! Something I can harvest! The hot peppers are loving this tropical weather and have really started putting on. The little ones make the best poppers in the world – pretty mild with just a little kick. The longer ones pack a little heat. Yum!

I wish I remembered what their names are – but since I replaced so many with whatever hot peppers I could find – I have no idea what’s out there right now. I’m just glad to have something to pick!

We also saw one Roma tomato that is almost ripe and 2 sweet peppers that are gaining in size.

It’s coming!  If I can just be patient a little longer, there will be fresh produce gracing my table and filling the jars on my shelf!

Please let it be soon!

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10 thoughts on “My Almost Harvest

  1. Our peppers are growing really well too (I am almost ready to harvest the first of the habaneros!), but we have had a slow start to the season as well. We haven’t had the sun and warmth that things need to really get growing. Ugh! Looks like you are well on your way now!


  2. The cardboard is a great idea! I’m a bit burned out by our garden this year and am not planning on doing another one next year…but then I hear an idea like this and it makes the wheels start turning! 🙂 Maybe just a row or two… 🙂


  3. Melinda- your garden is looking wonderful. I love your term “almost Harvest”. We are in the exact same boat her in Oregon. A very wet/cool May & June has really set us back. But we are getting closer….thanks for sharing!


  4. Wow, your cantaloupe looks great! We are also having a late harvest. I am now praying for a late fall, so that we can harvest all that is growing before the first freeze.


  5. Melinda- thanks for stopping by my blog today. My garden fence is the creation of my Dad. First we pounded in rebar stakes and then sliped PVC piping over the stakes. Then we drilled holes in the PVC every 2 feet or so up the pipe. Then we took lightweight black netting, like you can buy to cover strawberry plants and wrapped that around the garden. It stays attached to the PVC pipe by twist tyes thru the holes we drilled ( that stops the netting from slipping down the pipes). It’s not to glamourous, but works well keeping the deer out and it would keep out smaller animals like rabbits too. Plus it doesn’t cost much to make and is easy to remove also. You can slip the PVC pipe off the rebar poles anytime you need to take the fencing down.


  6. Oh, yum! You have a great looking garden! I only have cherry tomatoes this year. It is the only thing we have gotten to grow. (I have sort of a black thumb, but it is getting a tad less black as I did get the tomatoes and some other flowers to grow. 🙂


  7. I agree, Melinda, that this time of the garden year is hard- watching each day for things to ripen! I’m waiting for the corn- I look each day it seems. 🙂

    Your peppers look like jalapenos and anaheims- these are the ones I grow mostly for salsa. yum.

    Thanks for sharing at the Garden Party!


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