A Golden Ticket to Adventure

Summers are for making memories, taking adventures, and exploring new places.

Which is just what Dagmar and Angel Girl did!

Dagmar celebrated her Golden birthday just a few weeks ago, and Angel Girl celebrated hers last year. As a special “Golden Gift” Poppa and Nana got them tickets for the Laura Ingalls pageant in Walnut Grove, Minnesota and took them up for a special weekend.

The Little House books and the show were huge favorites of mine growing up! My girls were both raised with massive doses of both, so a trip to a Little House site is a little like a pilgrimage. 🙂

Yes, Mom was a kinda jealous.

I got to stay home.

With all the boys.

Cooking massive amounts of food by myself and watching millions of episodes of Man Vs. Wild.

Not that I’m complaining or anything. 🙂

No, actually, I was thrilled for them! It was such a special trip for the two of them as sisters!


They visited the site of the dugout and even waded in the creek like Laura and Mary. (No sign of the giant crab however!)


They took time to find the bridge that we had a picnic on as a family a few years ago when we visited. (I personally love this picture! When did my baby girls get so grown-up and beautiful?)


They loved, loved, loved the pageant! They took some pictures during the show – but every picture included the back of the head of the guy in front of them (who really needed a neck trim!) But after the show they got to pose with the entire Ingalls family (at least the pageant family!)

They enjoyed some time in Walnut Grove the next day – including seeing Alison Angrim (she played Nellie Oleson on the TV show) and touring the museum – before heading to the Twin Cities and COUSINS!


How’s that for an end of the summer hurrah?!

5 thoughts on “A Golden Ticket to Adventure

  1. I’m a little jealous too! I loved Little House on the Prairie and my mom still watches the reruns. I always said someday I need to take her up there. Maybe I will. This is a great post and yes, your girls are lovely. What a great memory for them too!

    Thanks for visitng me,



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