Frozen Kool-Aid Dessert

Frozen Kool-Aid DessertI love history.

I love food.

I love food that has a history!

This recipe was originally published in a 1940 era Kool Aid advertisement (now that’s some history!) but I found it reprinted in a old issue of Reminisce Magazine .

Since it’s a depression-era recipe, the ingredients are few and frugal.

It was really simple to make – and my children declared it delicious.

We’ve made two batches – first an orange batch followed by a strawberry one – and we loved them both!

I’m sure that the home cooks making this in the 1940’s used their own cream to whip up for whipped cream – but I did not. I took a shortcut in the heat and humidity and used Cool Whip.

I can only imagine how wonderful it be with the real thing!

Frozen Kool-Aid Desert

1 cup sugar
1 package (.13 ounces) Kool-aid any flavor
2 cups milk
1 cup whipping cream

In a bowl, combine the sugar, Kool-aid and milk; stir until the Kool-aid and sugar are dissolved. Pour into a freezer container and freeze for one hour or until slushy.

In a mixing bowl, beat cream until stiff. Add the Kool-aid mixture ; mix just until combined.

Return to the freezer container. Freeze until solid, about two hours.

Yields one quart.

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9 thoughts on “Frozen Kool-Aid Dessert

  1. Melinda, I’m always seeking out new recipes to try that have a history to them. I’ve bookmarked this recipe, I want to make it soon (hopefully this coming weekend). Thanks for stopping by my blog today and I sure will deliver if you supply the plane ticket, lol! :o) Have a great day and thanks for sharing such a fun recipe!


  2. What a fun and easy dessert! I will have to try this with my kids. I am always surprised by how long some of these companies have been around. I never would have guessed that mom’s were serving Kool-Aid in the ’40’s.


  3. Can’t wait to try this. I think my son will love it. I posted the recipes for the cream cheese danish and the garlic ham and cheese rolls on my blog.
    Go have a look.


  4. I love old recipes, too. I have never heard of an recipes using Kool-Aid before. I love the simplicity and flavor freedom with this one. Doesn’t Kool-Aid make about 15 different flavors? I am going to try this!


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