BananagramsI think I have a new favorite game.


It was one of the gifts opened at our recent big double birthday bash – and I think we’ve played it almost every day since!

It comes in a cool cloth banana pouch which is filled with little alphabet tiles. The goal is to take your tiles and use them all to make your own connecting words.

One niece described it as “speed Scrabble.” I would call it addicting!

You don’t take turns, so there’s no waiting for another player.

It’s fast.

It’s intense.

And it’s educational (but please don’t tell! )

A sure win in my book!

7 thoughts on “Bananagrams

  1. I’m glad to know about Bananagrams as we’ve eyed this game before but wasn’t sure what it would be like. We are BIG game players around here and are excited about anything new. Last winter we latched on to Canasta and Skip-Bo Golf and played one of them most every day at some point! Thanks for sharing!!! :o)



  2. We love games too and this is a favorite of mine! I love that all ages of spellers can join in the fun too. I actually try to pick a game each year for a Christmas gift now and this was the one I gave out last year. I’m wondering how I will top it this year already… hmmm…

    Have fun!

    PS-Hopping through from the blog hop.


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