A Golden Birthday Surprise!

We have a birthday double-header every July with Pedro’s birthday on the 15th and Dagmar’s on the 16th.

This year is extra special with Dagmar turning sweet 16 on the 16th – making it her golden birthday.

We couldn’t let this special day go by without something special – so we cooked up a little surprise – 3 of her favorite cousins!

Balloon Faces

It was logistical feat of genius to get these gals here – one lives 4 hours away, one 3 hours and one 2 hours – and none of them drive.  But the look on my daughter’s face said that all the phone calls and secret conversations were worth it!

Oh the craziness that is happening in my house right now!


One niece brought her vuvuzela (or stadium horn – just like those they played at the World Cup Soccer Games). It’s been heard now in every corner of my house and all over the property. I wonder what the Amish neighbor’s think?!

I dropped the girls off at the local thrift store this morning while I got groceries (yes – we’ve gone through a lot of food!).

They had a blast at the “Fill a bag for 50 cents” sale! I picked them up one hour and $2 later.

They’ve filmed a movie, ate bunches of food, played frisbee, had a water fight, cartwheeled across the yard, picked blackberries, and celebrated 2 birthdays.

I think they even slept – at least a little!

Happy birthday Sweet Sixteen! May all your birthdays be this golden!

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