Family Camping

We had another amazing all-family camp-out weekend! With the crazy fun people I’m related to – what else could you expect! 🙂

Every year we rent the group camp area at a State Park – complete with a kitchen/dining hall, small cabins, and our own bathhouse.

We heard about a little worried this year when we heard several reports about flooding at the park. They were true. The only road through the park was still covered with flood water. The week before they had to evacuate the campground in the middle of the night as the river started to rise. But the our group camp area was on high ground and still open – so we had the entire park to ourselves!

The first day we took a hike to see the high water – it had receded quite a bit, and left behind amazing sights – like a picnic table 6 foot up in a tree – and a deep gumbo -like mud.

It also left behind mosquitoes! Lots of mosquitoes. Big mosquitoes. Bug spray was our friend. I lost count of many bottles we used up. By the time we came home some of my kids looked like they had chicken pox!

But we still had fun hiking the trails that were open and spending time playing in the creek. What is it about water and rocks that makes guys want to build a dam? And mud that makes kids want to cover themselves with it? 🙂

We even squeezed a hot dog roast and sparklers in the first day – which was a good thing – since the second day was a total wash! It rained all day.

But that didn’t stop us! We had a special church service, played lots of games and even had an “Improv Night”!  Each family brought a bag of random props, we exchanged them and had about 10 minutes to come up with a skit using them. It was hilarious!

But then the whole weekend was filled with laughter and fun. That’s what happens when you spend time with people you love.

Memories happen.

A special thanks to my niece Faith for the pictures!

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