4H Judging at the County Fair

The County Fair.

The very words put fear and trembling into the hearts of 4H moms.

It’s marked in red on my calendar.

D -Day.

This year we have all five children in 4H. That means a grand total of 19 projects and all of those projects are due at the same time on the same day.

In a perfect world my diligent children would have been working on projects all year – on their own – with little assistance.

My world isn’t perfect.

We worked on projects the week before the fair like our lives depended on it.  (For some of my children – it did!)

Despite the stress and the rush, each child was completed on time even if we did had to use duct tape. 🙂

Judging went very well. Very, very well.

Six projects were chosen for the State Fair.

One was an Outstanding Junior exhibit.

And all the rest were blue ribbons – except Buddy’s – he still a Clover Kid and only gets a rainbow participation ribbon.

And now it’s over for another year.

We’ll take a couple of days to rest up and savor the moment.

Maybe by then I will have all my brain cells back…

3 thoughts on “4H Judging at the County Fair

  1. I remember the insanity of the week before the fair. Cookies or other goodies to bake and at least a dozen other projects to finish up in time for judging. It always seemed like a good idea to take all of those projects in the winter when we signed up! I definitely don’t miss the insanity of getting ready and the procrastination that I used to do…. but I do miss 4-H I’m looking forward to the day when WeeMan is old enough to join up. I’m working on convincing hubby that goats and chickens could live in our backyard – or that we need to move to the country!


  2. Now I went through 4-H as the child, not as the mom going nuts! I was a 4-H member for years, and became a Jr. Leader and eventually a Leader–I still have all my yearly pins that you get at the completion of each year. And the fair–so much fun! I had horses, and market lambs, and just lived for that one week in August! Demonstrations, and judging, and then all the classes–I had to run from the horse arena to the sheep arena to get everyone shown at the proper times! Crazy fun! I always lost weight during fair week, even though I ate almost nothing but corn dogs the entire time we were there! (Fair food–gotta love it!)


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