Toxic Slumber Party

I didn’t see this one coming.

My friend Cinnamon needed someone to watch her 4 girls overnight Saturday night. One night, all girls, our kids are good friends – no problem. Sounds like a slumber party!

The arrive mid-morning and everything is going smoothly.

The first indication that all was not well was at lunch when I noticed Matt wasn’t at the table. This was odd. He’s a teenage boy – he never misses a meal. I went to find him only to discover he didn’t feel good.

He said he felt like throwing up.

A couple of hours later he did.

One down.

I instruct him to hide out and don’t breath on anyone!

At supper Dagmar tells me her head is just pounding. I tell her maybe she might want to hold off on eating.

Too late.

Two down.

By this time I have all 4 of our guests in the basement with 2 of my healthy kids – watching a movie – as far from my sick children as I can keep them.

I guess we’ll skip our toe nail painting party.

After supper Buddy tells me he doesn’t feel so good. Oh  no – he makes number 3. Great – he’s been playing with our guests all afternoon.

At this point the bathrooms are a pretty hot commodity – and my head is starting to pound.

Somehow we get all the girls bathed, bedded down and all is quiet. Just in time. I become victim number 4.

Sometime after midnight I hear someone in the bathroom – it’s Pedro, the kid who has never thrown up. Ever. Until now.

The count is now five down.

I take stock of the situation. There are now 5 of us vying for 2 bathrooms. Two healthy family members and 4 guests that I really don’t want to send home sick!

Somehow Jan and Angel Girl help me set out some breakfast, we get the well ones ready and sent off to church.

I could just cry. I felt awful – and not just physically! Here I was trying to help a friend out – and now our fun little slumber party is ruined and I send her sweet girls home infested with this toxic flu virus. 😦

I’m so sorry Cinnamon – really I am! I didn’t see this one coming. Can you disinfect the girls? Make them eat massive amounts of garlic? Tell them to go outside and breath deeply of the fresh air?

But maybe – just in case – you might want to stock up on 7 Up and crackers.

So much for helping a friend out.

10 thoughts on “Toxic Slumber Party

  1. Wow! Hope everyone is feeling better now. I’ll also keep my fingers crossed that your guests didn’t end up sick. Sickness or not – I’m sure your friends appreciated the helping hand.


  2. Yes Melinda “your friends” did appreciate everything you did. The girls had a grand time. I’m just sorry you are all sick 😦

    Praying for a quick recovery! Oh and no one is sick here, ‘cept me and that’s due to morning sickness 🙂

    Thank you friend~ Cinnamon


  3. Oh my. Sometimes great plans go to the way side. Hope this finds everyone on the mend by now. LaVern has always said that walking outside in the garden dirt, barefoot, helps when one is sick! He said the green bean area is best! (??)


  4. Oh my!! You poor thing. Hope all is well now. I’m sure your friend know you didn’t see this coming. That type of virus usually flies through and hits everyone in it’s path. Usually doesn’t last long though. Hope all is well by now.


  5. Yes we did/do appreciate you!! 🙂

    But one by one they are falling :-/ But that’s okay I’m ready for my crew to be on the couch needing nothing more than water and a cozy blanket 🙂

    Actually my girls have sore throats and are just tired. Gladys is the only one with an upset tummy 🙂

    Hope you are all feeling better~ Cinnamon


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