Simple Joys

The simple joys of life….


A cold juice box on a warm summer day.


Picking fat juicy mulberries and squishing them in your fingers.


Throwing rocks in the pond and giggling when ……


… they make splashes.

What simple pleasures are you enjoying?

Savor the moments this weekend.

Take time to watch the ripples in the water.

Giggle over something silly.

Find joy.

6 thoughts on “Simple Joys

  1. Oh, those lazy days of summer with a little one! My simple pleasure the last couple of days has been laying on the couch watching World Cup…too hot outside to do anything during the day!


  2. What fun summer pictures! I wish I could find somewhere to pick blueberries! Nothing better than fresh blueberrries in the summer!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  3. What a blessing it was to catch up with you at the convention!! 😮 I’m so thankful that the Lord afforded us the opportunity to see each other and visit a bit! We DO need to get together again soon for a REAL uninterrupted time of fellowship. You are a blessed friend and I thank God for you!



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