My Daily Bread

I have a picky eater.

And I mean picky! He will dissect a casserole bit by bit to identify all the parts before taking minuscule bites so as to avoid eating something he doesn’t like – say onions.

I wish I could always serve what he wants. It sure would make life easier if I never put anything green on the table.

But as a mom I know he eats to eat certain things – all my kids do.

To have a balanced diet they need to eat a variety of foods. I know that everybody likes dessert – but you can’t always eat dessert, sometimes you have to eat vegetables – green leafy vegetables.

Not everything on the table is pleasant or even liked – but it’s important – that’s why I serve it.

How much more does my heavenly father know what I need every day.

Matthew 6:11 says “Give us today our daily bread“.

Max Lucado said it well: “Some days are three cookie days. Many are not. Sometimes our plate has nothing but vegetables – twenty-four hours of celery, carrots, and squash. Apparently God knows we need some strength, and though the portion may be hard to swallow, isn’t it for our own good?

Most days have a bit if it all. Vegetables, which are healthy but dull. Fruit, which tastes better and we enjoy. And even an Oreo cookie, which does little for our nutrition, but a lot for our attitude.”

Every day I can trust my heavenly Father to fill my plate with exactly what I need – both the things I like and the things I don’t care for.

All are important.

All come directly from the hands of my loving God, my Abba Father.

Yet I am often a picky eater when it comes to my daily bread. I pick it apart and complain about the “onions” in my day.

I pray often for the dessert in life. “Lord, bless us and make everything be okay. Just smooth out the wrinkles so everybody is happy – okay?!”

I rarely – if ever – have prayed “Lord send me a day full of the Brussels spouts of life so my character will be molded into your image!”

Maybe that’s why the Lord taught us to pray saying “Give us this day our daily bread...” He knew that God’s choice was always the best one.

I guess it’s time to start eating those onions with a smile!

3 thoughts on “My Daily Bread

  1. “I rarely – if ever – have prayed “Lord send me a day full of the Brussels sprouts…”

    I love that line….a perspective I’ve never heard before.


  2. A night out with my husband!!! Wow!! I think John is on his way over right now to drop them off (jk) 🙂 hee hee

    YOU are a sweetie!!

    Hey, try putting the onions in a smoothie with the spinach 🙂 hee hee (jk…again!)



  3. Different perspective but true. My little 9 year old is getting to be picky too. But if I keep fixing it he’ll have to keep trying it over again sometime he might like it. My daughter hated my chicken salad seemed forever, now she decided she likes it-go figure it’s the same salad. Thanks for the nice post.


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