Those Aren’t Mine!

My kidlets are all home again. Ahh….

The three oldest kids returned from Teen Pact National Convention full of stories punctuated with exclamation points (!!! ) and everything they took with them – minus the snacks.

We got a great feel for their week away when we looked through the pictures they took. One picture stood out to me – I’m still not sure why they took it – but it was kind of funny!

It is a picture of someone’s sleeping bag and bag of clothes. They unloaded it there on Monday afternoon and never picked it up.


All week the sleeping bag and bag of clothes sat there. All week it was announced that someone’s sleeping bag and clothes were sitting outside.

But they were never claimed.

Some boy had slept on a bare mattress all week and never changed his clothes. I jokingly said that all they needed to do was smell the kids about Wednesday and you would know who hadn’t changed their underwear. 🙂  But then I remembered that this was a bunch of junior and senior high boys – so that test wouldn’t be very accurate.

Seriously – I wondered how in the world someone would not miss their things?!

But then I remembered that these were junior and senior high boys.

Case in point: earlier this spring one of my sons suddenly lost all of his jeans. They were not in his dresser – they weren’t in his dad’s dresser or his brothers. They had simply vanished into thin air.

He went an entire week with alternating between his one pair of jeans and his pajama pants.

Finally – I went up to check the attic where all the kids have a Rubbermaid plastic tote for off-season clothes. Voila! There were several pairs of jeans in his tote – in his size.

I brought them down – but he looked at them and said. “Those aren’t mine – I’ve never seen them before.”

Hello! He wore those jeans all winter. I bought them for him. I washed them and folded them all winter long. Those were his jeans. He probably carried them up on a warm spring day – thinking he wouldn’t need them anymore and forgot about it.

I said, “Humor me – just try them on.”

Would you believe – they fit?!

I just smiled my “all-knowing mother smile” and proclaimed it a miracle.

Now I totally understand why some teenage boy never recognized his own sleeping bag and clothes. It’s called adolescence.

And I can totally understand his mom’s frustration when her son arrived home empty handed.

I send her my sympathies.

Techie Son Edit: I’m still sure those jeans weren’t mine.

7 thoughts on “Those Aren’t Mine!

  1. My little brother went to church camp when he was about 13 and was so proud when he came home to share with us that he and the other guys in the cabin didn’t shower all week. Seriously boys brains clearly don’t fire the same way girls’ do!


  2. A few weeks ago my 14 y.o. boy sat at his school desk, with his pencil in his hand, loudly proclaiming in frustration, “I can’t find my pencil! I can’t find my pencil!” When I asked him if he was referring to that thing at the end of his arm, he looked at the pencil in his hand as if he had never seen it before. We all had a good laugh, and decided God was very wise to permanently attach our heads to our shoulders, or we would lose those, too.


  3. This is simply too funny… I don’t have boys so I guess I will never know the reality of it although I have one girl who kind of has the resemblance of this mind set. I’ll remember the “humor-me” line. Seriously…do their brains just go on vacation for a spell or can they truly NOT remember!?! I would really like to know…



  4. We had 4 girls before God gave us a son, then another daughter, and another son. Last week my 14 yo 1st class Boy Scout went to Boy Scout camp. He told me he had everything under control and could pack his own things. Holding back I decided to hand over the list and allow him to take the lead. My husband went to camp also as a leader. He sent me a text on Tuesday to inform me that MY son had only packed 2 pairs of shorts and 2 t-shirts. I didn’t dare ask how much underwear he packed. I didn’t want to know. (smile) I heard the boys talking before leaving for camp that a dip in the lake counted as a shower. In our home, we have one simple explanation for such logic. B – O – Y ! ! ! ! Explains everything!!!


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