This Little Piggy…

“This little piggy went to market,

This little piggy stayed home,

This little piggy had roast beef,

This little piggy had none.

And this little piggy made the family laugh

‘he he he’ all the way home!

Meet our family practical joke!

Okay – maybe I better explain.

You see, I have a rather eccentric aunt who has a habit of watching the shopping networks late at night. She tends to buy things – interesting things.

One of her most memorable purchases was an 18 inch plastic Bubble Bunny that moved in circles while playing “It’s a Small World” and blowing bubbles.  It terrified small children.

So a few years ago when she moved from her apartment and gave my mom several boxes of stuff, we really had no idea what to expect. My Mom went through all the boxes and then shared some things with my sisters and I. There were some nice things in those boxes that we split between us  – and then there were the pigs.

We were speechless as we gazed in amazement at the ceramic momma sow with several nursing piglets. Then we burst into laughter.

Hmm…which one of us wants to put a lactating pig on our mantel piece?! I’m country – but not that country!

The more we looked at it – the more we laughed!

I’m not sure at that point how the legend got started – but the piggies disappeared soon after  that only to reappear, all wrapped up and under the Christmas tree.

We had a good laugh at my sister’s shocked face when she opened them.

A practical joke was born.

That sister hid them away for awhile until everyone forgot about them, then rewrapped them and gave them to another sister at a birthday party.

That sister in turn, re-wrapped them and gave them to a brother-in-law, who re-wrapped them and gave them to another family member… and on and on the joke continued.

These little piggies have made an appearance at birthdays, Christmas gatherings, graduation parties, and, for the first time last weekend, at a Bridal Shower.

Since I was the last recipient of the piglets, it was my honor to choose the next home for the little piggies. I thought it was the perfect to way to welcome a new family member – to include them in a family tradition. So I wrapped them up and gave them to my niece at her bridal shower.

I know – I’m such a good aunt! 🙂 (And yes – I did give her a real gift as well!)

I think my niece was honored. I’m not so sure about her fiance!

I doubt that momma pig will ever grace the mantel at their new home – but from the glint in my niece’s eye – I’m sure our family joke will live on.

Hmm…I wonder who’s next?

9 thoughts on “This Little Piggy…

  1. Too fun!!! Your family sounds WONDERFUL and I’m so happy that now that you are in your mansion you don’t have to miss any of those memory-making gatherings like you use to. :o)



  2. That is so great. In Ames there have been several of these traveling gifts given at the staff Christmas party. It always fun to see how they are wrapped so people would not know the “special” gift that was inside.


  3. I’m not sure how it got started, but for years my two grandmas would send each other a tube of toothpaste for birthdays. Family jokes are so much fun. I miss my grandmas, but we have a treasure trove of memories.


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